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RA understands that every Customer is different, and no two projects are the same.  RA offers a solution best suited to the requirements of its Customers and each individual application, from full PPAP / APQP to a custom low volume development process.

RA works in collaborative partnership with its Customers to identify risks and challenges early in the development process.  Through innovation, the use of latest technology and development tools, RA ensures it achieves project targets, reduces development times and the need for prototype vehicles.

  • Project Management
  • Computer based Component and System Development
  • Multi-body System simulation and analysis
  • Powertrain Calibration
  • Component and System Testing & Integration
  • Quality Management



A good prototype part is not only a key part of the development process, but can also be an important sales and marketing tool.  Whether a part is needed for testing or a high profile Motorshow, RA combines innovation, technology and skill to deliver functional and beautiful components and systems, in the shortest possible time to its Customers.

  • Multi-Material Rapid Prototyping
  • Rapid Prototype Tooling
  • Hand Fabricated Parts

Testing and validation

To the limit…

RA works with its Customers to develop a comprehensive test and validation plan, designed to prove complete compliance with program targets.  RA offers a comprehensive range of test services from component functional tests to complete system durability.

  • Flow testing
  • Rig based testing and durability
  • NVH Development and Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Vehicle based Development and Testing
  • Engine & engine component Testing
  • Electrical Testing
  • Powertrain Calibration


Acoustic Development

RA has produced its own suite of tools to assist in the acoustic development of exhaust and intake systems. These tools enable RA to simulate exhaust system behaviour in support of initial design and problem solving such as resonance elimination.

For its customers this means reduced development times and costs.

RA is continuing to expand its capability in this area though its collaboration with Loughborough University. Look out for further innovations and results in this area during 2018.


Flow Testing

In support of both design, development, and Product validation (PV) , RA is able to offer flow testing using a Superflow SF-110E flowbench.

Flow range: 0-185cfm (100hp / cylinder)
Flow change Measurement: <1%
Flow development applications include:
Cylinder head intake and exhaust port
Engine breather
Intake system
Mass air flow meter check (MAF/ HFM)



RA is approved by Luxcontrol for Manufacture and COP. This means RA can deliver fully engineered, approved, and warranted components and systems ready for distribution to world markets.


The RA Quality Team is fully trained and equipped to support IMDS if required by our customers.

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